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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Whites do not originate from Europe.... but blacks do

Snow sunburn

This dude has skin cancer on his face from too much sun burn in Russia.

I don't know if you lived in Norway, but when I was there, there existed what seemed like two "types" There was the Germanic type with the typical "Aryan" features like thin large nose and just a very caucasian looking face. Then there was a second type that was more negroid or africoid in appearance. These people don't look black in the sense that they often are even more white skinned than the germanic type withfreckles and their hair is so blonde its often practically white. But they certainly have africoid shapes skulls. They have that elongated head shape and the broad nose and sometime even the thick lip. These people are white but the skull shape is clear they have some distant african ancestor. I wish I had some picture to show you but wayne rooney is the best famus example I can think of right now

Northern european lady

Finnish soldier fellow

Of course these people are white racially/culturally and handsome in their own right. But they certainly show what sergi would call the eurafrican type. None of these people possess the caucasian or caucasoid skull as far as can be reasonably deduced from such a picture, but I have seen examples in real life up close of actual such skulls and peoples that better represent what I am talking about but this is just what I can find right now.

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