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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

There are only 3 races

There are only 3 races.

-Indians are not race. Its a nationality. Made up f the indigenous black indians and the white aryan indo-european invaders around 1500 b.c. who created the caste system over the black people they conquered.
-Natives are not a race. They describe all pre columbian people living in the americas made up of most mongoloid peoples, but also included blacks and whites (yes vikings came before colombus and many of them were white)
-Arabs are not a race. Arab is an ethnic group referring to a linguistic group of people who speak the arabic language and observe the arabic culture and or customs. Saudi Arabia list 20% of it s population as "afro-arabs". Saudi Arabia has a higher proportion of black people than America does.
-Your trying to invent races to deny certain groups were asians or blacks or even white. Why are you trying to steal the white history of india?

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