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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Yurco gets refuted by mainstream eurocentricks

Yurco's statement's never held up in peer review nor in science history or anthropology because they are bald assertions and opinions, not backed up by any biological, climatological or actual hard science.

He got alot of flak because he believes a theory that defies conventional science, which is why not even eurocentric's like leftkowitz would be folly enough to repeat them or try to present them as fact (she has the opposite opinion of him). These were more opinions of Yurco rather than fact.

African Archaeological Review

John E. Yellen
National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22230


Examination of African barbed bone points recovered from Holocene sites provides a context to interpret three Late Pleistocene occurrences from Katanda and Ishango, Zaire, and White Paintings Shelter, Botswana. In sites dated to ca. 10,000 BP and younger, such artifacts are found widely distributed across the Sahara Desert, the Sahel, the Nile, and the East African Lakes. They are present in both ceramic and aceramic contexts, sometimes associated with domesticates. The almost-universal presence of fish remains indicates a subsistence adaptation which incorporates a riverine/lacustrine component. Typologically these points exhibit sufficient similarity in form and method of manufacture to be subsumed within a single African “tradition.” They are absent at Fayum, where a distinct Natufian form occurs. Specimens dating to ca. 20,000 BP at Ishango, possibly a similar age at White Paintings Shelter, and up to 90,000 BP at Katanda clearly fall within this same African tradition and thus indicate a very long-term continuity which crosses traditionally conceived sub-Saharan cultural boundaries.
What is interesting to me is you drew it from wikipedia, and wiki claims that Mary Lefkowitz claims this in one of her books. I don't have that book here with me but I do have it loaned out. When I get it back I will double check. Because its INCONSISTENT with lefkowitz own claim that the Ancient Egyptians were black. So I suspect this is either a wikipedia vandal your quoting or thet purpoely quoted it out of context.

Who does Yurco reference to come to his conclusion? He is an Egyptologist not a biological anthropologist. Where does Yurco specify which ancient egypt he is referring to? Is he speaking about the roman era, we do not know how he defines ancient from your quote, he could mean year 900 ad.

Also note your 10% statement is unsupported and doesn't have any reference so you might want to be careful with that claim. Anyone could have wrote it, and there is no evidence provided.

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